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 Kurai Niwa [Academy Student]

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Kurai Niwa
Academy Student
Academy Student
Kurai Niwa

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PostSubject: Kurai Niwa [Academy Student]   Kurai Niwa [Academy Student] EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 12:27 pm

Basic Information.

Name: Niwa Kurai

Nickname: N/A

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Likes: the night, spirits, Shia

Dislikes: Big crowds, enclosed spaces, her nightmares


Personality: Right now, Kurai is very hard to figure out. She's very hurt right now since the massacre has only been passed for a couple of years. In class, she seperates herself from all of the others, keeping herself to herself. When asked a question, she will answer the bare minimum. She isn't prepared to open up her heart to only be hurt again.

Looks: Kurai Niwa [Academy Student] K-chan

Kurai looks quite elegant for a young girl, with strikingly pale skin, combined with oval shaped emerald eyes and long black hair. She normally wears either regular shinobi clothing as an Academy Student should, or she wears traditional things like kimono's and the like. She is quite short, but not any shorter than most of the girls in her class. A little smaller than average, is all.

Ninja Information.

Village: Konoha

Rank: Academy Student

Organization: None

Elements: None yet


Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Taijutsu

Weaknesses: In her present state, she's very fragile and breaks easily when people pick on her or tease her.


[NOTE: She can use the Spirit Style form of Taijutsu in her clan. It is normally an A-Rank technique, but since her chakra stores are limited even with the Gobi, she can only perform it, at the very most, C-Rank level even with the help of the Gobi.]

Summons: None, Shia is always with her.

Blood line: See clan.

Weapons: Very basic ninja weaponary.

Other: Host to the Gobi No Houkou

Background Information

Aoi Niwa - Mother - Deceased
Riku Niwa - Father - Deceased
Daichi Niwa - Brother - Deceased
Risa Niwa - Sister - Deceased
Kai Niwa -Brother - Deceased
Ayame Niwa - Sister - Deceased

Haname Niwa - Aunt [Mothers Side] - Deceased
Hayate Niwa - Uncle [Mothers Side] - Deceased

Aiko Niwa - Grandmother [Mothers Side] - Deceased
Isamu Niwa - Grandfather [Mothers Side] - Deceased

Kohaku Niwa - Aunt [Fathers Side] - Deceased
Michi Niwa - Uncle [Fathers Side] - Deceased

Ren Niwa - Grandmother [Fathers Side] - Deceased
Yori Niwa - Grandfather [Fathers Side] - Deceased

Birth Arc -
Kurai was born into the Niwa clan at around 10pm in Konoha's late
autumn. She was currently the youngest child in the main branch of the
Niwa clan but would soon become the middle child. Her mother, Aoi, never let go of her during the night, and her father was there at Aoi's
bedside. Her older sister, Risa, would constantly fuss over her while
her older brother, Daichi, showered her with love whenever he got the
chance. The family was happy. Kurai was born into a family who treated
her well and raised her the way she should've been raised. However, even her loving family could see that she was the runt of the litter. She
was very weak as a baby and her mother would do all that she possibly
could to fix it. As soon as Kurai was able to walk, her training started
to try and get her into the Ninja Academy. Aoi WOULD give her daughter a fighting chance as a kunoichi. She saw something in the girl that she couldn't quite put her finger on. It was something special. Something that set her apart from all of the other young females in the clan. It was something that Aoi would figure out to be very important in due course.

Academy Arc -
Kurai was accepted into the Ninja Academy at the age of 6, nothing
special about that. She paid attention in all of her classes and was a
sort of bookworm. She would study for hours at a time and practice her
jutsu until she could collapse from over-exertion. Her mother noticed
that she was still failing to break into the middle of the pack, but
Kurai's potential was growing. She couldn't let her daughter fall at
such a small hurdle. There was one thing she could think of doing. The
Niwa Clan had managed to capture 1 bijuu and hide it from the Akatsuki's prying eyes; The Gobi No Houkou. They sealed the 5 tailed wolf beast inside a scroll hidden deep in the vaults underneath the clans main household. One night, Aoi carried her sleeping daughter down there and placed a seal on the small of Kurai's back, sealing the bijuu demon into her daughter with great effort. From then on, her daughter began to prosper and finally shine. Her performance in class jutsu excelled and her training at home became more and more beneficial. It looked as if, even though Kurai couldn't CONTROL the Gobi, it had grown an attachment with the girl. Even after the massacre, Kurai did not falter in her studies.

Massacre Arc -
When Kurai reached the age of 7, she unlocked her clans Kekkei Genkai while she was in class. Estatic with her discovery, she raced home as soon as she could but found her family packing hurriedly and ushering children into small compartments in the floor. Her mother explained that there was an attack coming and so the children were to be hidden and, hopefully, given a chance of surviving. Kurai protested, but she too was placed in a compartment next to her little sister, Ayame, and her little brother, Kai. Both were only about 2 at the time since they were born as twins. Her elder brother and sister, Daichi and Risa, were both classed as adults in the clan and were thus old enough to fight. Soon, Kurai heard scuffling, screaming and the clash of metal as she pushed frantically at the floor tile which just wouldn't budge. She heard the compartments next to her move and a sickening scream and a slash before silence. She was never found. In a last ditch attempt to hide the bijuu and her most beloved daughter, Aoi placed a special seal on Kurai's compartment to hide her presence. Kurai sat there and waited for what seemed to be hours before the seal finally loosened and she was able to push herself free. She felt a pair of hands grab her hair and literally hoist her into the air by doing so. It was a hired assassin. They asked where her mother was, proving that Aoi was still alive, and Kurai replied 'I dont know, but I wouldn't tell you if i did!'. Said assassin slashed the back of her neck, creating a long scar before throwing her to the wall and leaving. Kurai looked up hazily to find bodies and blood scattered everywhere. Her father, her cousins...Daichi. She panicked as Shia, her clans guardian wolf, appeared from the shadows and took the young girl onto her back and ran to safety in the Hokage's residence. Aoi's body was found a few days later with severe head trauma and several burns. She'd been killed, just like the rest. After the massacre, Kurai was never the same.

Rp sample: Kurai sat at her desk, passing a kunai between her hands as she gazed out the window absent-mindedly. Things were going slow today but she couldn't go out yet. She was expecting a messenger hawk to arrive soon. She would leave after she had recieved it. She looked down at the village. Her village. Her heart swelled with a sense of pride as she saw how well everyone seemed to take care of themselves and each other. Things were definitely looking up. She touched at the scar on the back of her neck and stared up at the sky with a thoughtful frown. If only her mother could see her now, Kurai
hoped that she would be proud.

A Broken Heart...Stricken By Grief.
Kurai Niwa [Academy Student] YoungSumi

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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Kurai Niwa [Academy Student]   Kurai Niwa [Academy Student] EmptyTue Jul 13, 2010 12:38 pm

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Kurai Niwa [Academy Student]
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