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Xyphos Akios

Xyphos Akios

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Name: Slither
Physical Description: He is a giant salamander, black with green spots, has a scorpion like tail with poison at the end, with about the same effects as Sasori's poison, he is about 7.5 standing on his hind legs, which he usually does stand like a human
Summon Requirements: Maladaths fire
Species: Poison Salamander
Rank: S rank
Story: Like Maladath's Gauntlets, the salamander is a heirloom that came from Maladath, to one ancestor, then to another, Etc. . Eventually it came down to Xyphos Akios, the reincarnation of Maladath, he can summon it because Xyphos can use Maladaths fire. The salamanders name is slither, it is both a mount and a dangerous warrior
Special Characteristics: Slither is really Maladath, the kind drackal leader, that lives in slither. Maladath helps Xyphos control and use his ancient techniques, and Maladath is fun to talk to.
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Clan: Drackal

Jutsu List: Swiftness Jutsu, and sometime, when Xyphos is in danger, Chiron chakra. (Swiftness Jutsu and Chiron Chakra are in the Custom Jutsu section)
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