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 Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ.

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Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ. Empty
PostSubject: Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ.   Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ. EmptySun Jun 27, 2010 6:15 am


Rules for the staff and members.
1.treat all users with respect,and kindness
2.Do not play favorites with members,treat them all equally under any circumstance.
3.No discrimination of any kind,If we see any among staff you will be warned,next you will be stripped of position.
4.No abuse of power,we easily gave you that spot we can and will take it away.
5.Please refrain from swearing in the chat box,we have kids of all ages try to keep it clean at all times.
6.Please refrain from sexual comments that could be taken as harassment.This also applies to cybering in the chat box.PDA is fine,just keep it pg-13
7.Please refrain from mentioning illegal substances gang related activity and things as such in cb,topics and pms.
8.You must fallow the rules to the letter,how do you expect members to follow them if you don't yourselves.

Rules for Apps.
1.Please fill out all the requirements before pronouncing it done.If you know you won't finish in time for an admin to check it.Or you simply don't have all your thoughts together put (WIP or work in progress) in the titles so moderators and administrators know your not done before checking it.
2.If the app requires something,that you might not know how to answer please,feel free to ask and we will explain.
3.Weapon apps,MUST be approved before you can use them.If not you could find yourself winning the fight,but come to find out what you used wasn't approved and you could lose or your character could die.
4.Jutsu apps,MUST also be approved before using,Just like the weapon scenario,life or death depends on weather you get it approved or not.
5.Summonings must be reasonable and not to powerful for your rank,I don't think a genin could pull of a rank-S summoning Do you?No.I didn't think so.
6.As for custom villages,if it isn't approved your out of a place to live.
7.Custom clans,Please be creative and don't rip off something you saw on tv.That means you had to think of everything on your own.
8.Please get everything approved so you can get the full experience of of the site.

Rules for Jutsu,Weapons,Summons etc.
1.Jutsu,must be given a reasonable amount for a discription and must have ways to avoid it or counter it.Because there is a words for what that is and its called Over powered.Also you must have who can learn and if its part of your blood line.Also please keep them within your characters rank.
2.Weapons must have the fallowing:Where you got,how you got,what kind of weapon it is,and its abilites.Also give some weaknesses for weapons to make it fair to everyone.
3.Summons,what kind of animal,its element,moves and ranking.As i said before please keep it in your characters rank.

Rules for RP.
1.Please try and you correct gramer,no slang.Text language or IM language.
2.You are permited to swear,but still please try and control it.Keep it pg:13
3.We would like you to rp with using full sentences no one word posts,it will be deleted and we will ask you to do it again,Because we know you can put forth more effort than that.
4.Please use quotation marks or color to section off your speech.Also please use correct puncutation and spaces.We are not trying to be grammer dictator's but we would like it if the person yo are rp'ing with could understand what your saying.
5.Use the fallowing headers for when you make topics.(Open,Private,Private- Mature.Open- Mature)
6.Killing other characters,Please ask the permission of the person's character you would like to vanquish,if they say no please respect it.If you trick them and they tell us about it,the death will be voided and all your hard work will be lost.
7.If your going to be making love in rp or what ever you wanna call it,Even then please try and keep it appropriate.Use the word entrance and manhood.
8. No using OOC Knowledge, Or Meta-Gaming
9.No GM,or godmodding,this is when you try and take control of another characters actions.

Ranks and staff spots.
1.As of now all staff spots are closed,if you harass us for a spot you will definantly not be getting it.
2.Ranks,we will be allowing a certain ammount of jounin chunnin for villages,after they are full anyone who applies will either start out as a gennin or an academy student.
3.Sannin are chosen by the staff,so dont even ask about it.
4.Those who apply for kage,must have a very strong arrsonal of jutsu and lengthy app to go with it.

Bijuu and demons.
1.there is only one rule,after all the bijuu have been claimed there will be no demons period.Unless you have asked an admin and they have given you the okay to do so.

Traveling from village to village. will start out at the villages gate.Upon leaving use the traveling section of the site for further posting.
2.We would like you to post how you get there what you see there and if you have any complications on the way.
3.Make the topic lengthy no one post and your automatically there junk please.Make it as realistic as possible.

Exams and tournaments.
1.we will have set dates for the genin,chunin,and jounin exams.
2.Please clear the tournament with an admin before asking people to sign up.
3.Make sure you use the correct area for the topic.

Wars and alliances.
1.make sure you do anything that involves war in the appropriate places.
2.Wars must be discussed amongst the kage of the village.
3.You can only declare war in the war topic.

1.Please only advertise on the advertising section of the forum.
2.Spam topics can be virtually anything,still keep it unless stated other wise.
3.Pictures videos and things of that sort,If someone posts a picture or a video and you don't like it,don't comment on it,just leave the topic.

Consequences for breaking any of these rules will result in a warning,break them again,24 hour ban,a second time one week ban,and a third time,permanent suspension from the site.Which will entail us banning your IP.

Please enjoy your stay and have fun-Benjamin(mugen) Very Happy

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Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ.   Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ. EmptySun Jun 27, 2010 5:06 pm

One thing i forgot,please if you are not an admin or moderator than,refrain from posting on anyone elses application.
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Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ.   Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ. EmptySun Jun 27, 2010 5:35 pm

Also we are going to have a limit on sharingan,rinnegan and byakugan users.

Also,no jutsu similar or the same thing as rasengan thank you.
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Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ.   Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ. Empty

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Site rules and regulations :D PLEASE READ.
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