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Name: Rinna Sukunai

Nickname: rin or rini

Age: 15

Gender: female

Looks: [post pic or at least a paragraph in description] but w/ blue eyes

Personality: She is kind and loving but can be deciving and sneaky

Likes: Scythe's, snow, sweet foods and rain

Dislikes: snobish guys and girls, sour things, fans, and hypocrites

Extras: [scars, tattoos, piercings, you get the idea] She has a tatoo of a wing

Shinobi Information:

Village: Leaf

Clan: [provide link to approved clan] her who clan was killed

Rank: chuunin

Elements: [1 for genin, 2 for chuunin, 3 for jounin/ANBU, 4 for kage and upwards] ice and wind

Weapons:[provide link to approved weapons] scythes, paper bomb, an ice whip and ice staff

Summons:[provide link to approved summons] snow wolf

Jutsu: ice willow whip, ice shards, wind scythe, ice clone etc...

Background Information:

Background: her parents were killed by orochimaru when she was 3 and she had to leave her original village and move to konoha

Family: all dead

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my ninja info
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