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Basic Information.






Likes:(killing ,chopping off his victim's limbs and his Sword)

Dislikes:(when he is told he cant kill, lies and )

Clan:Not in one

Rush was a very nice person. It was said that he was a weak ninja because of his big heart and kindness But Rush only wanted to make friends with all the people in the village. After the attack attacked Rush and put him in a coma he hated the student for this. Killing in cold blood with a smile on his face, laughing as the his limbs of his enemy fly all over the place. Rush very sick person , he is called a prodigy at the art of murder after the academy incident, as he has a habit of chopping off his victim's limbs before beheading them has a certain love for killing

Rush Jarrin11

Ninja Information.



Organization:seven swordman




Jutsu:(Genin get basic academy and five element jutsu,Chunin get basic,and fifteen element,jounin get basic,and up to 25 to 30 jutsu.There are no stipulations to not using all of the,just that your character may be weaker than you would like.Also taijutsu and genjutsu,plus summons do not take room those are a given.)

Summons:(make sure they are approved and give us the link to your approved summon application)

Blood line:(make sure you check availability for the desired blood line,and the clan to match up with it)

Weapons(make sure you give use its name and the link to your approved weapon.)

Other:(such as mastery)

Background Information


Birth Arc

Rush was born outside the village hidden in mist, while giving birth his mother died. His farther took him into the village so they come live there . When his farther was questioned about where they came from he refuse to tell the ninja so they killed him. After searching his father’s body they found out they were from leaf, The ninja took the child in and rise him as there own.

Academy Arc

When Rush entered the academy arc he began to detest everyone, They all looked down on him because he was not really from a village, Soon enough he was very much alone, Even the jounin started to detest Raikai, never showing him any affection or any knowledge off the progress he had made, He tried to be nice and tried to interact with other students, In the end the kid's ganged up on him and put him in hospital, They had beat him so bad he was put into a coma, unsure if he would ever wake up the mist medical ninja went and preformed experiments on him, even going as far as to take out his left eye just incase rush died , He woke up three month after the coma screaming so they sold his mouth close. Two weeks after awaking, Rush Found out that academy graduation was today Rush went to the academy and killed all the student there with a smile on his face laughing at the time. Taking one of the student headband and putting it on. While sitting in the student blood Rush took a kunai from one of the student hands and cut the sting on his mouth. So he could talk.

Rp sample:(genin is what i want but if you think i higher feel free to let me know)

Rush ran off to the shop and asked for a jug but the shop owner said” we don’t have no more now leave rush.” Rush started walking out the shop. On his way out he notice the owner was lies so rush took it then ran toward the village gate to the forest sneaking out of the village yet again but this time Rush had a reason for leave running across the desert into he got the forest using a kunai to cut down some logs. Rush hurries back to the village. On his way back rush stop at a lake and got some water the headed back to the village
Close his eyes to focus his chakra into his foot. Thinking to hisself . “Never been good at doing this but why not try” Rush was always bad at built up his chakra and controlling it no matter how hard he tried But rush was never the type to give up even in the face of danger. Rush looked into his self in order to bring out his chakra and focus it into his feet when he opened his eyes and look at his feet they were not glowing

Sits down on the ground crossing his legs, Takes the sucker out his mouth puts his elbow in on his knee with his right hand across his chin with the sucker pointing to the left. Rush begins to think to his self again.” Well this is a problem I cant go on with my ninja training into I learn to control my chakra better ugh this is a problem.” Rush close his eyes again trying to focus his chakra but fail as his feet still did not glow.

Rush open his eyes and looks at his feet notices they still are not glowing Rush puts the sucker back in his mouth move it to the right side of his jaw then puts his hand and the dog hand seal as he opened his hand so that his finger are touching the same fingers on the other hand . Rush close his eye clearing his mind of everything focus his chakra to his feet for the first time he feet sparked a little but did not glow

felt his chakra spark on his feet alittle. Rush open his eyes with a smile on his smile on his face. Puts his hands apart, puts both of his hands on the ground next to him and said.” Well let see” Rush stands up and Said.” I think I got it Now.” Rush puts his hand together , close his eyes to focus his chakra to his feet calmly taking a deep breathe . His feet would begin to glow. Rush opened his eye and looked down noticing his feet was still glowing

(also any tailed beast open if not what sword of the seven swordman are open)
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