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 Yami kiusi,scared one {w.i.p}

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Yami kiusi

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Yami kiusi,scared one {w.i.p} Empty
PostSubject: Yami kiusi,scared one {w.i.p}   Yami kiusi,scared one {w.i.p} EmptyFri Jul 16, 2010 12:26 am

Basic Information:

Name:Yami kiusi

Nickname: the dark




Personality:Yami is a very complicated guy.some days Yami is happy.another days he is quiet and seems depressed.He is a loud mouth and speaks out to things that are wrong.He is a kind hearted person.He likes to help his village and peolpe.Yami is also loyal.He will help any friend that is in trouble or in danger.

Likes:helping,learning new things,making friends,training

Dislikes:enemy's,fighting,disloyal people.

scar on his head covered by white headband



Clan: [provide link to
approved clan]


Elements: lighting,fire

link to approved weapons]

Summons:[provide link to approved

Jutsu:shadow clone jutsu,bodyflicker jutsu,transformation jutsu

Background Information:

birth arc.
when Yami was born his mother almost died from giving birth.

academy arc.
when Yami was about 2 his parents found out the Yami had the clans kekkei genki.his parents worried for him because every one who had th clans keekei genki had to be killed stated by clan leader.When Yami turned 4 his father started to teach Yami about chakra,jutsu,and the clans kekkei genki.When He turned 6 he started to teach him jutsu.At age 8 his parents entered him into the academy and left him to live by himself.When in the academy Yamib would be picked on because he was at the top ofhis class.He cloud exicute all of the jutsu he knew.Yami would train every day to get even better.When the genin exams came around he was ready.After the exams he leared he bacame a genin

Genin arc.
When Yami became a genin he would train every day.He had learnt that he had spieceal chakra which was from his clan kekki genki.Yami had lerent that the kekki genki from his clan waas dark chakra and anyone in the clan who had it whould be killed and he didn't know why he was not killed for having it.He whould never talk to anyone.He would only train.When chuunin exams came around and he was in the orestof death he almost died.After the exams he learned he became a chuunin


Sample:yami was walking through the the konoha village with his dark brown hair waving in the breeze."what a beautiful day to be outside walking"yami asid to himself."wow i am hungry i need to get some ramen my favorite food"yami said to himself as he took his paste white feet and ran toward a red sign ramen shop that said Ichiraku Ramen Bar."hey isn't it my favorite costimer"said i old man with dark brown eyes wearing a white aprin with light brown hair."hey ichiraku how ya doing today"yami said to the old man."I am doing fine today and what would you like today"the old man asked him"um i would like a large bowl of bowl of beef ramen noodles with a boiled eggs and pepers"yami said to the man."Coming right up yami"the man said to yami then handing yami a large bowl of ramen noodles."Thanks ichiraku"yami said as he sluperped down the noodles "no problem yami".after sai got done eatting his noodles he got up from his crimson red seat and left.
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Yami kiusi,scared one {w.i.p}
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