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 Kousei Clan

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Shinji Kousei

Shinji Kousei

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PostSubject: Kousei Clan   Kousei Clan EmptySat Jun 26, 2010 6:26 pm

Name:Kousei Clan
Manifestation: Inmate
Kekkei Genkai:
Clan Powers and Summonings:Koden - is a Blood Inheritance, that does not have a doujutsu. It's more focused with ninjutsu. There are two basic abilities with the Kousei bloodline, and those are elemental abilities, and the other is having the power to control two other bodies.

Elemental Abilities:The uses of the Kekkei genkai can obtain 2 more elements. Training for the elements require the user to be surrounded by the selected element, while absorbing it's chakra and throwing it off at the same time creating and making the bodies adapted to the element. And Then creating it. (2 pages to learn another element besides the starting one. Pages must add up to 3000+ words)

Body Control Abilities:
First Body:Chuunin{B-Ranked}
Second Body Jounin{A-Ranked}
The user of the kekkei genkai will essentially tear out a chunk of a dead bodies nervous tissue and assimilate it by the process of eating it. However when the tissue is eaten it will not go through the digestive process it will become part of the users own tissue and be allowed to grow inside the persons body. This tissue will then begin to feed on the users chakra that is naturally created soon leaking out and back into the dead body. This allows the dead body to be controlled and moved as if it was still alive through minimal effort.

Now for the body to regain its jutsu's the user will utilize there chakra sources and soon tap into residual brain waves in the dead body from it being preserved which is customary to the clan's arts. This allows the user to make the dead body to use the elemental affinity and the jutsu along with it(For the Brain technique Have to be S-Rank, and only one body can have a Elemental Affinity). The dead bodies can also used all elemental techniques the user of the kekkei genkai can use. Bodies lose all Kekkei Genkai abilities they had before they died.

Clans History:
The Founding members of tis clan is unknown, but they have showed up in minor parts of history, throughout many of years. The Kousei clan was around the years that the Sage of the Six paths was on his deathbed. They were not very known at the time, but they thought of their powers similar to that of the Sage. They were not heard from again, until about the time of the first ninja wars. There they fought countless battles, but were never looked at as powerful. Although they were skilled, they never matched the Uchiha and Senju clans. However, they new they were close. It wasn't until the second ninja war that they came to power. The clan was not involved in much, but they showed a great power. They have disappeared from the ninja world, until just recently. They are rising up, and now becoming strong Shinobi.
Clan Jutsu:
None At the moment
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PostSubject: Re: Kousei Clan   Kousei Clan EmptySat Jun 26, 2010 6:34 pm

I see nothing Game Breaking in here, So approved Unless said otherwise.
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Kousei Clan
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