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 Kenshi Ayame

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Kenshi Ayame

Kenshi Ayame

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Name:Kenshi Ayame




Looks: [post pic or at least a paragraph in description]

A Young Male Off Seventeen, His Hair Is The Same Colour As The Purest
Off Water, His Eyes Are His Best Trait. Topaz An Unusual Colour But
Most Females And Homosexual Men Are Enchanted By Them, His Skin Is
Usually A Normalish Tone Tho Tans Easily, Hi Body Type Is Average Not
Very Toned Yet Not Flabby, Seen Wearing The Usual jounin Outfit In The
Village But On Missions Preferes To Wear His Jeans And Tshirt,
His Headband Is Located Upon His Right Arm


Kenshi Is A Very Loyal Friend But Is Extremely Shy Unless
His Views Are Being Stood On, When He Is Angered His Temper Flares And
All Intelligent Thinking Goes Out The Window Tho His Intelligence And
Wisdom Were Barely There To Begin With, His Ability To Use Three
Elements Makes Him A Worthy Foe, He Utilises Many Jutsu In Battles, His
Chakra Is Unnaturally High, He Is Very Shy And Can Be Tricked Easily,
Over All A Lovely Shinobi

Likes: Almost Everything

Dislikes:Spider's, Vegitables

Extras: [scars, tattoos, piercings, you get the idea]
Snake Bites...Scar Located InThe Middle Off His Chest

Shinobi Information:


Clan: [None]


Elements: [Water,Lightning,Earth
Weapons: Basic Shinobi Weapons


Jutsu :

Lightning Style:Four Pillar Bind
Discharge Lightnign Calamity
Lightning Ball
Lightning Destruction
Earth Dragon Bullet Jutsu
Tornado Of Water
Water Realease: Tearing Torrent
Water Clone Technique
Water Release: Black Rain Technique
Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Gushing Water Imprisonment
Water Release: Great Excavation
Water Release: Great Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Great Water Arm
Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique
Water Release: Great Whirlpool Enfolding Technique
Water Release: Huge Explosion Technique
Water Release: Large Projectile
Water Release: Powerful Blasting Rain Trench
Water Release: Rising Water Slicer
Water Release: Syrup Capture Field
Water Release: Tearing Torrent
Water Release: Violent Bubble Wave
Water Release: Violent Water Wave
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Release: Water Gun
Water Release: Water Hardened Drill
Water Release: Water Shockwave
Water Release: Water Sky Convergence
Water Release: Water Wave Palm
Water Release: Water Whip
Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique
Water Replacement
Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet
Water Style: Water Bullet
Water Shield Shot
Water Style: Rampaging Water
Earth Clone Technique
Earth Dragon Bullet
Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness
Earth Release Resurrection Technique: Corpse Soil
Earth Release: Aggravated Rock Technique
Earth Release: Antlion Technique
Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin
Earth Release: Destructive Rising Rock Pillars
Earth Release: Devouring Earth
Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
Earth Release: Dropping Lid
Earth Release: Earth Corridor
Earth Release: Earth Dome
Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet
Earth Release: Earth Flow Divide
Earth Release: Earth Flow Rampart
Earth Release: Earth Flow River
Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
Earth Release: Parish
Earth Release: Rising Stone Spears
Earth Release: Rock Lodging Destruction
Earth Release: Rock Pillars Rising


Kenshi Ayame's Parent's Were From Amegakure, The Village Hidden In Rain, His Parent's Were One Off The Many People Who Detested The Village But They Knew The Price Off Betraying A Village...Certain Death, They Had Never Had the Will To Leave Untill Kenshi Was Born, When Kenshi Was Less Than Month's Old They Left, Not Wanting There Son To Be A Shinobi Off This Village, They Knew Were They Were Heading Tho...Konoha, In The Dead Off Night They Ran Knowing Full Well They Would Have Little Chance Off Making It...Days And Days Off Endless Running Resting Only To Eat And Catch Some Sleep Tho Not Much, Finally They Came To The Konoha Border's But This Was Wear They Were To Meet There Fate, Kenshi's Dad Had Unnaturally High Chakra Making It Easy For Him To Be Sensed, Trackers Knew This And Had Now Managed to Catch Up....Kenshi's Father Began To Fight The Rain Ninja's Off While His Mother Ran, She His Behind Tree's As Kenshi's Father Unleashed Devastating Combo's With Lightning And Water Jutsu, His Mother Was An Earth Chakra User So Used This To Her Advantage, She Would Use Jutsu To Get Her To Move Easily, Now His Mother Was A Sensor Off Some Sorts, Not The Most Skilled Yet Not The Worst, She Detected Faint Chakra Above Them Somewere And Knew What She Had to Do, She Returned From Underground With Her Little Boy And Placed Him In The Bushes Were Luck Should Have It Genin From The Leaf Village Were About To Pass By, And Then She Vanished Meeting The Same Fate As Kenshi's Father...Death..The Leaf Genin And There Sensei Found The Young Baby And Took Him In, Having Had The Hokages Approval He Was Now A Leaf Shinobi...He Lived With A Woman Named Haja, A Lovely Female Tho Not a Ninja..Kenshi Soon Started The Academy But Found It Boring...Usually Skipping Classes He Worked Upon His Ninjutsu And Taijutsu, Finding Out In His Last Year off The Academy That He Had A Knack For Water Elemental Jutsu He Used His First In The Last Test..Water Style : Water Bullet, He Was Put In His Team With Team Members Hio And Anaya, Anaya Was A Rather Annoying Female Tho Talented At Medical Jutsu, Hio Was A Rather Decent Shinobi Whom Had Learned Earth Style Techinques, There Sensei Was An Ex Anbu, His Name Was Idato Who Was A Skilled Water And Lightning Chakra User, Kenshi Followed His Every Move And Soon Enough His Team Was Entered Into The Chuunin Exam, Tho The First Task Had Him Stumped Tho Refused to Give Up And Passed, The Second Task Was Hard...Only 4 Groups Made It Past...His Team Almost Failed But Thanks To An Earth And Water Styled Combo Earth Dragon Bullet Jutsu From Kenshi And Hio They Were able To Defeat There Opponents And Reach The Tower In Time...The Third Round The Final Was Were Kenshi Began To Shine...Having Utilised Many Strong Water Jutsu It Was Clear He Had Unnaturally High Ckakra Level's He Had Also Been Practising Other Elemental Jutsu And Had Managed to Obtain Eath Styled Jutsu Tho At This Point He Had nly Mastered Basic Earth Jutsu...Not Bad For Only Fourteen Years Old, Once The Exams Were Over He And His Team Mates Obtained Chuunin Status And The Real Missions Began...After There Fourth Mission Kenshi Had Just Turned Fifteen And Had Asked Hio To Train Him In Earth Styled Jutsu As He Had Perected Most Water Based One's...Hio Taught Him Many Things Allowing His Knowledge Off Earth Style Jutsu To Grow Magnifecently, At The Age Off 18 He Had Became A Rather Acknowledged Yet Shy Shinobi, It Was Around This Time His Sensei Approached Him And Asked Him To Try To Learn Lightning Techniques, It Tool Some Time To Learn The Basics A Whole Year...Now Kenshi Is 19 Years Off Age And Has A Rather Amazing Amount Off Earth And Water Style'd Jutsu To Use His Lightning Styled Jutsu's Arent As Impressive Tho Using Them In Combinations Has Devasted Opponents Due To These Comboes And How Well Praised He Was He Was Promoted to Jonin Level Only Himself And Anaya Had Achieved This Level From The Chuunin In His Year, Kenshi Was Proud Off That And Was Ready To Take The World By Storm...He Was Never Told About His Parent's Or How He Had Come To The Village All Kenshi Really Knew Is He Was Home...And He Would Protect Konoha With His Life..This Was Put To The Test When He Was Sent On His First S-Rank Mission, His Partner Was Anaya, He Knew He Was Lucky As These Two Had Worked Together For What Seemed Like Forever, They Were In Sync All The Time And Soon Came Upon There Target, There Target Was A Shinobi Group Made Up Off Different Chakra User's, 7 Different Shinobi, This Was Were Kenshi Brought In His Newest Water Styled Jutsu, The Water Style, Water Dragon Bullet.. This Jutsu Usually Consists Off 44 Handseals Yet Kenshi Did It In Ten Which In Shinobi Records Is The Second Fastest To Conjure This Jutsu Toberame Senju Was The First Able To Use This Jutsu With Only One Handseal, He Managed To Take Out Atleast Three Shinobi With This Extremely Powerful Jutsu, Leaving Only Four Opponents Anaya Was Entangled In A Fierce Battle With Two Thus Leaving Two For Himself, The Battle Would Rage On And Sadly It Seemed That The Enemy's Had The Upper Hand They Had Managed To Use A Gas That Drained Kenshi And Ayana's Chakra Tho They Made There Mistake When They Began To Get Cocky, Anaya Was Struck Back Behind Kenshi And All Four Enemies Regrouped Making Them Easier Targets, He Formed Several Hand Seals Before Using A Jutsu He Had Used When He Was Young Tho He Kneeded The Help Off His Old Team mate Hio, Know Kenshi Seemed Able To Combo Different Element's At Once Which Was Seen When He Performed The Earth Dragon Bullet's All On His Own, What Was Even More Impressive He Followed Up Using The Lightning Destruction Technique Finally Defeating All The Opponent Ninja, The Battle Had Raged On And He Was Fully Aware That Using Multiple A - Rank Jutsu's In One Go Especially When His Chakra Level's Were Lower Than Usual Due To The Unusual Gas, He Expected His Life To End That Day But Was Shocked To Awake In The Konoha Hospital His Team MAtes And Sensei All Around His Bed Along With A Bundle Off Get Well Cards And Chocolates Filled With Alcohol....His Friends Knew Him To Well, He Thought As He Was Hugged By Anaya...After That Particular Mission He Was Bed Ridden For A Few Day's Allowing Him Time To Think About Past Time's, He Knew To Well That There Would Be Many Other Missions Just Like That One. The Next Few Month's When He Was Not Out On Missions He Trained Vigerously Pushing Himself To The Limits Each Day, Yet Know Matter How Badly He Was Hurt He Would Continue On To Become As Strong As He Could Be To Protect His Home, They Place He Loved, The Place That Held The People He Loved....This Is His Home His Life His Story And As Long As The Leaf Was His Home He Knew He Would Never Stop Smiling. At 19 Was Kenshi Was Looked Upon To Be A Rather Amazing Shinobi Though Very Shy At First Once Past That Barrier He Was The Nicest Loudest Character About. Everyone Knew This Tho It Took Time, It Was Now Nearing Kenshi's Twentyith Birthday His Sensei Thought It Was Time To Tell Him The Truth.. They Told Him All About Finding Him And Taking Him Back To The Village...They Also Told Him Thay They Had Found No One Near Him Tho There Was Blood Near Konoha's Border..And The Last Thing Was That In That Very Bush There Was Found A Headband...From Amegakure..Now Kenshi Not Being TO Smart Had No Clue What That Meant Even Know He's Still Trying To Figure It Out. Three Things Still Run Through His Head. Is His Birth Parent's Alive. Was He From Amegakure..And Would He Ever Find The Answer's. This Blue Haired Warrior Was Definatly Sure Upon One Thing. That Day He Was Told Convinced Him. Even If He Was From Another Village Konoha Was Always Going To Be Were He Belonged

Family: Sora And Kio Ayame

RP Sample:

Perched Upon The Second Highest
Tower Off Amegakure Stood The Young Jounin Kenshi Ayame, His Gorgeous
Shoulder Lenght Blue Hair Was Dampened By The Usual Rain, Lifting His
Head Up He Opened His Mouth And Allowed The Cold Liquid To Fall into
His Mouth Before Swallowing, Amegakure Once You Get Past The Rain Is
Really A Beautiful Place, Thought The Shinobi. True It Was And To
Kenshi It Was The Only Place Were He Could Speak To Everyone Due To His
Shyness, He Was Usually Quite When On Missions But He Hoped That Was
Changing, Standing Up The Young Man Allowed Himself To Topple From The
Large Building And Fall Towards The Ground, While Falling He Would Form
Several Handseals Before Speaking.."Water Style:Water Pool Jutsu"..As
The Words Left His Mouth The Liquid Upon The Ground And That Falling
From The Heavens Formed A Small Pool Off Water In Mid Air Only Inches
From The Ground, Kenshi Fell Into The Pool And Stopped Moving, A Small
Smile Sketched Upon His Face, With One Swift Wave Off His Hand The
Jutsu Was Dispelled And He Fell An Inch Or Two Touching Upon The Ground
Softly, Fixing His Hair As Much As He Could He Giggled To Himself As He
Walked Into The Main Part Of Amegakure.
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A P P R O V E D ~ !



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Kenshi Ayame
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