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Captain Bravo
Captain Bravo

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Basic Information.

Name: Momoru Sakimori

Nickname:Captain Bravo

Age: 18



Likes:The word "bravo", working hard, hard workers, good people

Dislikes:Evil, weak people, vegetables

Clan:(please give use the link to your approved clan)

Personality: Bravo is a loud person, kind-hearted person. He often is seen overseeing other peoples training, training them himself, or training beside them. Bravo is kind to every person he meets and will give his life to protect friends and subordinates. As a shinobi he believes everyone is talented and can find good in anyone. Bravo will also accept any request given to him as he finds it hard to say no.

Looks: Bravo's casual clothes and training clothes consist of a silver jumpsuit, a red undershirt, and white gloves. He has brown spiky hair and thick brown eyebrows. His eyes are blue and often has a big smile on his face. He is well-built and a bit muscular from all his intense training.Captain Bravo 000a5201
The silver skin suit is Bravo's choice of clothing for combat. It consist of a silver hat lined with blue, and a silver coat lined with blue. The pants are black.There are also blue gloves that heat up to increase his fire style techniques. Because the silver skin suit is made from metal it is heavy and a bit shiny.Captain Bravo C-bravo02

Ninja Information.

Village: Konoha

Rank: Jounin

Organization: None

Elements: Fire

Strengths: Taijutsu

Weaknesses: Genjutsu

Bravo Arts(Custom taijutsu techs. Will make.)
Asakujaku (Used by Might Guy against Kisame)

Summons: None

Blood line:None

Weapons: Silver Skin Suit (Will make)

Other: As talented as Rock Lee when coming to taijutsu.

Background Information

Family: Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased
Adopted Father: Deceased

Bio: Birth arc: It was October 10th when Momoru Sakimori was born. It was sunny and peaceful in a small nameless village on the outskirts of Konoha. His mother and father loved and took care of him. Half a year later bandits showed up and began to destroy the village. The villagers were not trained in the way of te shinobi and were hopless. Momoru's parents were killed but not before they hid him in the bushes near a river. But Momoru wandered into the river and nearly drowned. He floated off until he was found by an old shinobi living in Konoha, who had been fishing downstream. The old man instantly tried to revive him but couldn't. He had pushed te water from his lungs out and filled it with oxygen, but his heart was affected by the cold river. The old man was shocked to find that the heart wasn't holding up well because Momoru had absolutely no chakra. So the old man gave up just enough chakra to help his heart function, and took the baby home.
Child arc: When Momoru turned 7 the old man whose name was Yamamoto was becoming weak and senile. He could no longer take care of himself. So Momoru decided to join the ninja academy to provide for him. He was a huge failure and couldn't preform ninjutsu correctly due to his heart condition. But he had to become a shinobi in order to feed his old man. So everyday he began to intensely work out, doing five laps around the village when he was 11. After working his body so roughly, he became the greatest taijutsu user in his class. But he was only good at offense and was often scolded at his lack of defense. But in the end, Momoru graduated. 
Genin arc: Momoru was put on a squad just like every other genin and was treated as the squad idiot. Whatever mission they were assigned, he would push himself way too hard and get injured in the most simple tasks. But he was always the one on the team to finish the tasks first. He was reccomended for the chunin exams one day and rushed home to old man Yamamoto, who instantly started laughing at him. There was no way he could become a chunin with the amount of defense he had, even with his incredible offensive abilities. So Yamamoto gave him a suit that had been passed down in his family for generations. The Silver Skin Armor is what he called it. He explained that te suit was made from millions of small, hexagon shaped pieces of metal and was designed to protect against most attacks. But the problem for Momoru was that the metal pieces were held together by chakra. It would take a long time before he could use it perfectly without hurting his heart. So Momoru bean to train with it instantly, and by the time of the chunin exams, he could keep the suit on for 13 seconds. With the help of the suit, Momoru shined through the chunin exams though he had many close calls, and was promoted to chunin.
Chunin arc: Every day, even days when he had missions, Momoru trained with the silver skin in front of Yamamoto. He became a well-known villager and was nicknamed Bravo by his old team mates, for his conatant shouting of the word "bravo" at the end of each succesful mission. Then came te day when, even after 12 hours of training, the suit did not fall apart and his heart did not burn. He had finally mastered the silver skin armor. So that day he treated Yamamoto out to ramen to celebrate. They laughed together over their ramen as Momoru explained that he was going to call it a suit instead of armor. As the old man who took care of him his whole life finished his ramen and hugged Momoru with a big smile and told him "Momoru...I am so proud to be your father...bravo!" And with that, Yamamoto fell off the chair and died of natural causes. Momoru created a huge grave for him outside the village near the river he used to fish at, with his own hands. A year later, he was sent with his team mates on a protection mission. They were to escort a powerful monk to another country. Many people were out to kill this monk so Momoru was the perfect man for the mission. A day into the mission, they were confronted by an army of hired assasins. They fought through the army and managed to brink the monk to where they needed to. But when they were returning, another army of the same size confronted them once more. Momoru knew that there was no way they could all make it out of there so he told his team mates to run away while he sacrificed his life. He handed the silver skin suit to them and said that he would never let anyone harm the people he loved. But his team mates knocked him out and fought the army by themselves. When Momoru woke up, he found one of them, surrounded by the dead bodies of all the people who attacked them. One of his team mates was lying dead while the other one smoked a cigarette. With tears in his eyes he asked his team mate why they had done what they had done. He responded "Shut up always get the spotlight and protect us...we were just repaying the debt. So srop crying and say thank you..." and just like his old man, his team mate fell over and died. A day later Momoru stumbled back into the village where everyone congratualted him and he was promoted to jounin. He decided from that day on that no matter what, he would never let a precious friend, comrade, or subordinate die in front of him, and he would protect them with his life as the great Captain Bravo.

Rp sample: Captain Bravo walked through the early mist of Konoha covered with sweat from his usual morning workout. He smiled and waved to everyone he saw on the streets, occasionally stopping to ask someone how they were doing and have a quick chat. Bravo arrived at Ichiraku Ramen where he was greeted by the usual old man who worked there. "I'd like 3 bowls of beef ramen this morning, no vegetables!" he shouted with a huge grin. The old man, accustomed to his apetite, quickly prepared it and served it to him. After taking a bite, Bravo screamed into the air, "BRAVO!!!" It was the same thing every morning but the old man still couldn't understand how he could be so full of energy so early. And something else interested him. "Excuse me Captain Bravo...but why do you never tell anyone your real name? Is it somethin' embarrasin' like Patricia or somethin'?" he asked Bravo, almost whispering. Bravo pretended to think for a moment,placing his hand on his chin, then looked up and with a sparkle in his eye, replied, "My real name is a secret simply because it's cooler that way!"
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A P P R O V E D ~ !



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Captain Bravo
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