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 Renji Takato, Experiment 16 of the South Gate

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Renji Takato

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Renji Takato, Experiment 16 of the South Gate Empty
PostSubject: Renji Takato, Experiment 16 of the South Gate   Renji Takato, Experiment 16 of the South Gate EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 7:23 pm

Basic Information.

Takato Renji
-Slow things
Renji when he was young might had a few problems when it came to leaving his family and parents, but when he just got use to it and started to work with it he became a more happier person. But as he got older he had a more quiet more killer type personality, he thinks before he strikes, he understand how he can move, he love explosive tags, his chakra blades are his passion. He is quiet and more open minded. Showing a sometimes nice time and a deadly side as well.
Renji Takato, Experiment 16 of the South Gate Taki_s11
Ninja Information.

A-Ranking Missing ninja
None at the moment, but planning on joining one.
Primary Element: Raiton
Secondary Element: Fuuton
Primary: Doujutsu
Kinjutsu: Kinjutsu
-Katon Release
Will be Posted in Jutsu Registration
Blood line:
-The first stage of the Tomokenzangan is actually called a Jigen, meaning Dimension. This is the first stage, meaning it is the first Jigan activated. When this Kekkei Genkai is activated, The ninja's eyes flash yellow and their chakra becomes golden. Then their eyes becomes golden to match the color of their chakra. The ninja can then use them to focus in and out on a target from afar. The shinobi's focusing capabilities are so great that if concentrating perfectly you are able to zoom and see right through an object. As well as being able to zoom in, the ninja will gain great perception being able to dodge attacks with more ease then a normal ninja would without using some type of jutsu. A clan member must be pushed feeling an intense rush of emotion and confusion for them to obtain the Shinkou Kanchi or the Tomokenzangan.

-The second stage of the Tomokenzangan. The ninja's pupils gains slits that go horizontally and vertically. Somewhat resembling that of a cross however vision remains normal. When the second jigan is activated, The eyes will be able to give the ninja the abilities of a sensor. Unlike other shinobi sensors that does not wield the Tomokenzangan, It is able to pick up traces of chakra from where it was last used because it will have a significant color or distinct appearance. It will allow the user to see chakra and also sense it. It can even be traced back to the ninja if a significant amount of chakra is used for tracking purposes. During battle, This doujutsu level or jigan is used to be able to root chakra signatures out easily, meaning the ninja of this technique can see through clones, Concealing techniques and being underground. Also in this stage, the ninja's perception is also enhanced to a good deal, better than the first Jigaen. Also, the ninja gains the ability of enhanced attributes. To obtain this level of Jigen, the clan member must endure intense physical pain from
another person.

-The third and last Jigan of the Tomokenzangan. In this state of the doujutsu, The ninja's eyes gain to slits that comes down from angles. By this, the user's eyes should resemble that of a six pointed star. In this state, The ninja will have a great resistance to Genjutsu. As the opponent attempts to trap the ninja within a weak Genjutsu depending on the rank of the Genjutsu. The ninja can shoot a glare at the opponent trying to trap the ninja in the Genjutsu, dispelling it. He can also create a wave of chakra that will dispel a Genjutsu already in play. If the ninja concentrates hard enough, The ninja can even flip the Genjutsu around and use it as his own reversing the effects and bring it upon the opponent. In addition to the doujutsu, The user can locate and use loose chakra using the second jigen's ability and able to harness it to use as his own or to replenish his chakra or stamina. Also in this state, the ninja can copy speeds of a target that catches their eye. Analyzing data of their speed and motor skills, this allows the ninja to copy their speed of their movements and add it own to his very own. However if it's too fast then the body cannot be use to the speed if it isn't natural. Causing strain on the body if used too many times and recklessly. To obtain this level of Jigen, the ninja must experience a near death experience including nearly dying from that experience.

-The jigen goes to a much larger scale as it now gives the ninja massive amounts of chakra storage for use. The points on the tips of the slits are connected with a line. Making a six pointed star within circle. It also gives the ninja the ability to see through the eyes of an opponent or target. It allows him to see what his opponent sees and what he saw but not what he heard. This is done when the ninja changes their vision to whoever they choose. However in this state they cannot move while looking through the eyes of another person. Lastly this allows the obtainer to gain their own skill or ability of their choosing. Rather it be mastery of a ninja art or any sort of thing. To obtain this eye the opponent must betray and kill their closest friend or family member by simply killing them with their own hands, weapons or techniques. However by gaining this you lose your ability to see slowly and you become completely numb but after you become blind.
-Chakra absorption
-One of the fastest
-8 Chakra pools
-Wind Mastery(Not Manipulation)
-Natural better reaction speed along with the Doujutsu make it a lot more deadlier
-Amazing concentration
-Genjutsu Resistant
-Kinjutsu master
Background Information

Taski Takato {Older Brother}

In a Unknown location a child was born, but this wasn’t any child. A special child that is very important to the world in many ways, he was the heir to his clan. Successor and destined for greatness, his brothers and sisters are unknown because when born he was not raised by his family. He was raised by the strongest of the clan himself; it was a highly great honor to be in the same presence as the strongest most deadly members of the clan and not to be executed by him. He was a father to him, because of it he was given a choose to skip the ninja academy and go straight training. He didn’t quite liked people, so he chose to train under him. Renji called him Hoji for some strange reason. Renji went from age 2 walking to age 7 walking onto water, his training begin to get harder.

Getting there: {Gennin Arc Part One}
They begin traveling the world making his training more realistic, once there he was then assigned by Hoji to steal certain things from rouge groups and run getting away from them. This training session increased his speed and Reaction time as well as using his environment greatly. It showed him how to control the problem and mold it into his own making his own past, being able to concentrate while in the rush of attacks. Once 9 his speed was pass anyone who dared tried to run from him, that’s when he begin to work on defense, and that’s when it got hard. He was barraged with all kinds of techniques. Then Hoji came up with a idea for him that might work, he realized if used his speed it would be nothing he couldn’t evade or dodge. With a thought like that in mind he begin to train in dodging, with that thought of training at age 11 he was able to dodge nearly anything that comes in his path, that was his defensive style.

The ambush :{Gennin Arc Part Two}
About three miles away from the Land of Lightning was seen Renji walking, it was a pretty large area nothing but grass. Renji couldn’t help but to feel awkward. He was sent to take a walk and think, then to come back and meet Hoji, he stopped suddenly feeling the ground shake he took one step back realizing that it was less when he went backwards the ground begin to crack. Around that time is when Renji said fuck it and begin doing back flips until something began to emerge from the cracks. Looking upwards a large creature with 4 arms, two legs and a outward head and on top of it was Hoji instructing this was the beginning of his Kekkai Genkai training, with that said he was barraged at by the creature. He was able to dodge some of them but when it slammed the ground the pressure sent him flying to a tree. He begin to breath hard as he stood up, his hair in the way of his eyes due to his speed he was never use to getting hit so it would hurt him deeply if he were to take just a little damage meaning he was pretty gentle. He ran towards it in a what it seemed like blind rage, once got close enough then waiting for the thing to attack he would run up his arms placing explosive tags on his arms so fast Hoji had to concentrate to keep up himself. Once done with the arm he would get under his chin placing three Kunai with explosive tags on them he would drop completely while the other arm reaches to grab Renji once he hit the ground a massive explosion took place above him, the creature fell down backwards will Renji just stood there with the hair blocking his eyes Hoji did not know what he had gained. Renji deactivated it before Hoji could see his eyes, secretly gaining power that Hoji already had, with that he was given special chakra blades.

The escape: {Chuunin Arc Part One}
Hoji sent him on his own once he showed him how the blades work and how Renji would be able to use them to his advantage, Renji is able to after using the blades is able to absorb the chakra its disturbing with was good. Something even Hoji was not able to do, first stop for Renji alone was Grass village for some strange reason. He wanted to attack some Gennin to see how far he would be able to make by doing so. Once there he waited in the outskirts until a team of Gennin were spotted by Renji, using his Kekkai Genkai he zoomed in, using this for marksmanship he lunched a blade at him catching him in his shoulder tagging him into a tree, then Renji appeared on the blade showing a more evil look on him. The rest ran, he moved in to catch them. They got a few more meters before stopping due to Renji being in front of them showing that they were not going to get away with running. In a instant he attacked them but then did not kill them, went back to the Gennin stuck to the tree and absorb the chakra from him until he begin to be pale. Then made his departure, from the area while being chased by ANBU of the grass. Enjoying the chase until he remembered he could never get caught. Traveling until he found himself in the land of Rice fields. With that he was ambushed, he was able to take down the first and second patch squad but the rest was to many and he didn’t even have a elemental nature yet. He was captured and experimented by the Sound village Leader, the Fuuinjutsu master of the village accidentally split his chakra up into 8 different groups making it small. He didn’t notice it until the Sound village leader assistant explained it to him. Then they decided to use his Kekkai Genkai for power. So they infused more chakra into his chakra groups all equal. Meaning he was chuunin level, had chuunin level chakra in 8 places making him having 8 chakra pools in all making him a lot much more of a beast. But it all backfired once he gained that chakra he woke but he had his eyes closed as if something was wrong. So when the time was right, He broke out of his ceil after absorbing about 6 peoples chakra pools. As he was seen running down a strange path looking around trying to see what’s actually there. It seemed to be no end.

Awaken: {Chuunin arc Part two}
He made a swift right turn only to hear someone running following him for some reason. He was not having it, slapping explosive tags on the walls as he moved he could see a bright light he moved in faster and jumped. The Impact of the explosion would push him all the way forward, Under him was a pit as he was drifting through the air making his landing. He then picked up the paste once realizing his little follower was not letting up on him at all. He saw another light but before anything happened he placed one more explosive tag on the ground instead of the wall, once made it he looked around to see it was a stadium, he looked up to see he had made it alive, Almost. Once on the verge of leaving he was confronted by the Sound village Leader himself. The battle heated up, it was a great battle but in the end it seem he was able to tie him for a moment until he unlocked his Jigen San, then he completely turned the battle around making him more powerful as he smashed his opponent nearly killing him, but departing before anything else can happen. Once made it back to Hoji he started his elemental training once complete he was assigned to fight him and once done Renji had accidentally killed him gaining something he never wanted or think he could get.

Rp sample:

The Captain of the sensory squad was sent on a mission, this mission was a kind of mission that Roku normally wouldn’t f*** with. He was sitting in his house just got done taking a shower. Roku could never go dirty in anything he did which was a habit but then again a good thing. Roku packing up his swords on his back laid the scroll given by his Raikage down on the ground once he got outside. He locked his door in his house. He kicked the scroll open, he looked at it. It seems he had a assassination mission across the mountains. He sighed wondering what kind of opponents will be dealt with, if the Jounin of the squads couldn’t handle it. It could be a bit troublesome, tactics will probably be used on Roku but he knew it wouldn’t work on him. Once understanding the risk and difficulty with the mission at hand he knew he had a job to do. Closing up the scroll he begin walking around the village until he came up with the perfect plan. Making his way up to the mountains he quickly using the transformation jutsu, he making himself look like a gennin. This plan would be perfect, he would hop up to a place of the mountains and begin walking seeing a large crater in front of him he looked around to see the mountains, nothing more. He scanned the area with his sensory abilities finding nothing at all, he knew they were around somewhere. He had a headband on so he couldn’t get his hearing abilities in place with out that ability he keep moving into the mountains further more. As a Jounin he should have been done with the mission Ugh this is getting annoying I can’t find anyth- his train of mind was cut off due to something catching his attention. To the left side of his body was a pathway, the right yet another pathway but in the middle something different. But before he could even think to investigate something with chakra was falling from the sky at a fast attempt to hit Roku. Roku already using his sensory technique jumped back at least 3 meters sliding stopping himself, the attack was fatal; you would be able to tell by the Smoke coming from the attack into the ground. Roku could not see what kind of attack or who was attacking until the smoke cleared. A female wearing all white with a War hammer in her hand. He knew she was no ordinary person; she threw her hammer like it was nothing towards Roku in a more twisting way. Roku at a good attempt to dodge it leaped into the air only to have it following him into the air using her chakra. He sensed the level; it was High-Chuunin, Low Special-Jounin. Understanding that doing a flip landing on the ground the hammer went right back into the females hands. Roku sighing for a moment he begin running while doing hand seals making 2 clones used to confuse her. She swung her hammer as the real Roku Jumped backwards using the clones they went away quickly using his Harmonic Gloves sending Vibrations waves to her ear as she went to her knees in pain of the power of sound. Roku leaping into the air with a spinning axel kick she went down tumbling passed out. He used the time to get to the cliff he was going to the first time when he felt it before being rudely interrupted. Getting to the end, he showed a face of anger when he transformed into himself. “I’m not stupid.” He said performing a hand seal releasing the genjutsu ”A-Ranked genjutsu huh” Only way he was able to notice that was down the cliff it was a lot of Chakra signatures below and it wasn’t all the way down there either. It transformed back into its original form, which was a large cave or cave in it should be said with one little entrance down on it. It wasn’t that deep but good enough to jump for the jounin Roku. Leaping off it quickly doing a slight flip landing on the ground where the entrance awaited for him. Grabbing his main sword which is longer then his other one, running through the entrance only to find himself standing in a stadium or something of the such, looking to the sky he saw three ninjas jumping down landing in front of Roku. He could feel there chakra level, it was about as high as his. He knew something of the sorts would happen. The first one was large with a special kind of Yellow Armor on him. The others appearance wasn’t important. ”Who ever you are it matters little…You are here and for that you shall be drained of your chakra and executed” Spoke the large one. With out another word they all ran towards him quickly with out wasting any time. Roku doing a twist using his Sound chakra and his sword swung pushing them all backwards. But the big one, doing three punch’s knocking back out of the entrance onto a wall. Roku got up and before he could attack the man was already in front of him he raised his hand up signaling his fingers Roku all of a sudden was knocked into the air back onto the mountain sides. Roku was feed up now, once the man got up to the top where Roku was he was knocked into the air by Roku three second kick which involved him kicking him in the stomach leg then getting down and kicking him into the air. Leaping into the air he begins tormenting him with kicks slamming him all the way back down the cave. Landing on top of him. He made his way back into the entrance where they begin running towards him yet again, they didn’t notice he threw a bomb pass them until it exploded slinging him towards him as he charged up his sword with Sound sending a wave through his sword knocking them all down nearly killing them. Finishing the rest in seconds all of them were dead. “Mission Complete” he said heading back to the village.
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PostSubject: Re: Renji Takato, Experiment 16 of the South Gate   Renji Takato, Experiment 16 of the South Gate EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 10:47 pm

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Renji Takato, Experiment 16 of the South Gate
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