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Basic Information.


[Senju-Uzumaki Sanada]

[Kami - God]
[Nine Tailed Boy]
[Konoha's Infamous Destiny]



[Heterosexual - Straight]

§ [Silence - Most of the time he loves silence just so he can think things over.]

§ [Fighting - He loves action and whats the best way to contribute to that than being a part of it. Sometimes if a battle is as sweet as his chocolate he would smile and show emotion as sometimes, He would get this sadistic smile on his face as he have lust for a great fight. ]

§ [Chocolate - He takes a liking to sweets alot. Sweets is one of his favorite snacks and wouldn't mind taking a bite of his chocolate right before a mission and would even ate while fighting. ]

§ [Watermelon - His favorite fruit. If he could, he would eat it all day everyday along with his chocolate. In any situation of persuading Ni, offering watermelon to him and you will probally get what you want. Mostlikely.]

§ [Ignorant and Uncaring People - The people that are so blunt, stupid and sometimes uncaring makes him angry to the point of violence sometimes. Those who don't give a crap about the environment ticks Kami off. ]

§ [Insects - Even though he likes nature, animals and everything nature has to offer, he believes insects are very annoying and usually pisses him off.]

Senju Clan
Uzumaki Clan

[Sanada is a sweet and harmless guy. Takes up from his father's personality and doubled by his mother's. He loves animals, Brave, he loves action yet is gentle as a flower. He loves horror and would risk his life to protect his friends and helpless people from their fears and horrors that lies within the shadows. He would dive in the pools of danger just to pull out a drowing friend in need of a Life guard from heaven. Neighbors refers to him as an Angel. He is intellegent yet common sense comes slow to young Sanada for he is a bit clueless. He is adventurous, he wants to go out and learn more. He uses logic expertly, and wants to know the meaning of the world. The meaning of Life, he is a thinker and a fighter. He has a passion for protection others and killing others aswell. He loves to drink and eat and is ultimately friendly until it comes to battling. After a good battle he likes to take a rest, resting the mind is good relief of stress and since he studies the mind, he needs to take care and understand his mind first. Fruit is something he adores in any food he eats. He loves those good moments and having alot of fun. He is also a couch potato. He is a bit lazy from time to time but not all the time. He watches television and listen to music aswell. Sometimes, non-chalantly he searches for someone he can spend the rest of his life with. Explosions attract him for some strange reason aswell.

Sanada puts others before him which is his biggest flaw because, he would rather let harm and danger come to him before it comes to other he care deeply for. Even though he is in pain he would put on a mask of Happiness for the benefit of seeing other not worry about him. Some would say that it's sweet and kind, however that may be true. It is killing him inside because all of that bottled up hidden emotion is eating him up inside and their is no one that can see through the thick layer upon layer of deception to rescue himself from himself. Not even his parents. After gaining his true, bount abilities and doll. He is alot more distant. Still has the same likes but he is a bit odd than usual.
Sanada takes a large liking into animals, varying from birds to snakes which are both his favorite species of animal. The snake has no limbs yet it always have the will to survive and strike fear when the birds however, fly high in the sky with no worry of ever getting attacked up their. No worries, carefree and hopefully not careless. In demon form, Sanada is quite the sinister. He reverts back to his cruel and evil personality. However not sadistic. It's the ONLY time he has some sort of smile on his face is when he is taking pleasure in reaping people of their lives. Whether it's the smile from the pleasure of killing someone. Or the thrill he recieves from chasing down, tracking and finding out the name of a target. Sanada becomes the predator and always get's his prey type personality. Sanada the pervert. He is very peverted and sometimes can't control wherever his hands wander off too. He would like to refer to himself, in his head every once in awhile he is "A Ladies man". He absolutely loves treating women right and often gets hooked on their beauty. He would flirts with them also but it isn't a strong enough distraction for him when he is in the "Zone." Sanada is also very calm, he often likes horror and stays calm while in the way of sinister and evil things because he is use to it. He takes a liking to cruel and evil things. He is stronger than average seeing as he was trained by many people in his family to fight in hand to hand combat and firearm weaponry so he has high confidence when brawling agaisnt an opponent but Sanada is muniplative and would rather use his mind to defeat opponents and kill targets. Instead of going out to physically waste energy of fighting and killing an opponent or target. He would rather sit back and send others to do it or play mind games on the target or opponent instead, watching from behind as the opponent is tortured mentally and emotionally while Sanada doesn't even have to raise a finger for physical contact. Sometimes, in this intellegent world he cannot do so as much as he pleases.

Ninja Information.

[Konohagakure No Sato - Hidden Leaf Village]

[Academy Student]


[Fuuton - Wind]

[-Ninja Tools/Equipment]




Body Replacement Technique

Clone Technique

Transformation Technique

Body Flicker Technique

Haze Clone Technique

Sly Mind Affect Technique

Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique

Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique

Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm


[Can Preform Ninjutsu without handseals/Great Reaction Timing and Reflexes]


[Kyuubi no Youki]
[-Control Type]
[Low Control]

Background Information

[Kagura Senju]
[Megumi Uzumaki]

~~~Behind the Curtains~~~
Things that should be left Unseen
There are some things people aren't allowed to see. Somethings people shouldn't be allowed to know. Things that are so confidential, the life you have been living was a complete lie. Wonder where I'm going with this? Well, it all started with devious Leaf Village Officials that go by the names of Yukimura and Sakimaru. Yukimura and Sakimaru were Leaf Village Officials, incharge of such things as helping out the village under secretcy. Also aiding the Kage by helping them make decisions and such. Well they got tired with the way things were runned by the leaf village. They wanted to take matters into their own hands but they didn't want to try and do it publically or it would start a revolution within the walls of Konohagakure No Sato. Thus they took matters into their own hands but kept it in secretcy. Devolping and founding a department of ANBU that will aid in their plans and ideas by persuading those close to them and those close to them and so on. Over night it group into a small army with a plot to slowly take over Konohagakure No Sato slowly but surely, to gain as many follows in high power as possible and soon take over the world. See what happens when someone gets the urge and idea to follow through with something? Yukimura and Sakimaru were the leaders of course. Yukimura and Sakimaru would help the Kage create missions for the ninja to embark on, some of the missions really wouldn't make sense if you really think about it. Most were to make sure a package or letter get to a certain person or place or protect a group of people that highly famous in politics and would be useful to the village and such. Thus, ninja were blindly sent on missions of creating the dreams of Yukimura and Sakimaru, not noticing a thing. They send the ANBU to lie to the public, telling them everything is alright and such. A certain strong ANBU on their side served as a role model, young villagers and ninja looked up too to keep their minds off what's going on with the missions and to try to become as good as that ninja or the kage. Tools in their plan as they make the real rules in the village. The two couples of Gi and Rangiku and Kagura and Megumi were quite fond of one another. They both knew each other very well. They grew a bond with each other, Uzumaki, Senju and Uchiha. Thus they dropped their clan differences and past rivalries and created friendship. Sadly that friendship would not last very long for after each couple gave birth, Rangiku giving birth twice while Kagura only once. They discussed something strange going on with the village. Gi and Rangiku knew what was going on and they told the closest people to them, Kagura and Megumi. Kagura and Megumi heeded their warning and decided to keep an eye on the ANBU and villahe officials and Kage. The next day, the couple and other jounin were sent to help save the village from being attacked by the kyuubi. The Kyuubi was rushing towards the village at amazing speeds. His terrifying and demonic chakra overwhelming the area as those could feel him coming and he isn't even near the village yet. It was terrifying as it struck fear in the villagers and even the ninja's hearts. However they did not give up without a fight. It was word that the kyuubi was heading their way and the ninja were sent out the village to prevent the Kyuubi from destroying the village with it's Chaos. Many ninja died, ripped to pieces by the immense power of the Kyuubi as limbs and bloodshed flies across the battlefield like birds soaring above the sky. It seemed like the end of Konohagakure but then. For some reason the village was saved when two ninja, Kagura and Megumi arrive to help. They were rushing to the battlefield, Megumi with the strange idea of bring the child to the fight aswell so he had a chuunin/caretaker bring their child to the warzone. While Megumi and Kagura protected the caretaker and ultimately protecting their child. They reached the fox demon raging tremendously with immense and uncontrollable power as it was having fun attacking any and everything in sight. Kagura and Megumi told the chuunin to stay back and hidden while Kagura and Megumi commence in battle with the ninja. Kagura on the left, his Senju ability allowed her great reflexes and reaction time and Megumi, being a master sealer was ready for their plan. While Kagura risk her life distracting the Kyuubi, Megumi would come from behind and seal the best but it took many tries and near death experience for the Fox demon was no fool. Smacked down again and again, they refused to give up. As soon as it felt like they would never win. Finally, Kagura and Megumi, with teamwork, managed to distract the bijuu. The caretaker of Kagura and Megumi's child was rushing Sanada off to safety when Megumi needed to seal the beast within someone. The only person to seal the beast within was Sanada who was being rushed back to the village. Megumi sealed The Kyuubi within Sanada but nearly died during the battle with the kyuubi and protecting and aiding his wife. They returned to the village with a report that the Kyuubi is within Sanada as everything turned back to normal, Megumi became a Hero in the Leaf Village but he retired from being a ninja while Kagura remained a ninja.

.:Things aren't what they seem:.
Keep an Open Mind
Like judging a book by it's cover and you didn't even read the book. Don't look at the brief description on the back. It's not enough detail. Try reading it, it won't kill you. So young, growing up, Sanada was getting mixed emotions by the villagers. "Your father was a Hero but your an abomination. Go destroy another village!" and "Why are you living?" and many harsher ones. He was a sad child, always being alone. it seemed he barely had his parents, his father being restraint from movement due to the fight with the Kyuubi no Youki and his mother being forced to work even more to help pay medical payments and take care of her immobolized husband, child and herself. She was stressed out and didnt have time for herself as all. It was a shame. Sanada basically had no one but the bijuu inside of him that he knew little about. He didn't know how powerful it could be and how controllable he can become. It was a sad life for the young eight year old boy but it's not only sad for him but for two other boys. Boys that Sanada's parents knew long ago. They were killed off by Konoha ANBU for some strange reason that was unknown to Sanada but he was forced to go to the reunion with his mother and even his father found a way to come and pay his respects. What a shame, the death of more ninja and the reason was unknown but his parents knew. Sanada asked his mother why do people die. She had no way of responding, but she knew why Gi and Rangiku died. If anything, she taught Sanada one thing, "Things aren't always what they seem. So keep your head up and your eyes on the prowl."

---What do Y o u see in the Mirror---
Is it more than a Reflection?
Look behind the mask that is your reflection. A mirror only holds your physical appearance. It doesn't reflects what's in your heart. In Sanada's reflection he sees a child who is torn between his family and society. Even though he was quite popular with the other children. Alot of the other children seemed to hang around him. Not knowing he stored a demon inside of him. He was quite fond of the kindness and respect he was getting from the other fellow children however one day, all the kids stop playing with him. It was strange. One of the kids threw a ball towards another child because they were playing a game and it missed and rolled over to Sanada who was on the swing. He looked down at the ball at his opportunity to place with the other kids however they only chucked rocks at him as soon as he touched the ball. Other kids being picked old but taller and meaner kids, he would come to the rescue to only be knocked back down in shame as the larger kids laugh, walking off to leave the boy on the cold ground. Sometimes he would manage to save the kids that were being picked on and those kids would turn on him and run away, killing him a monster. It seemed like he was never and never would be loved but when he looked in the mirror, he saw more than a demon host. A child with no future in this village. He turned that negative emotion into inspiration and motivation and he from now on, will strive to become greater than them all and so he studied and trained to become the greatest ninja. Exceeding many texts and quizzes the academy had to offer him. Ever day on his birthday he would check the mirror to see how far he've grown. Now currently at the age of twelve. He is well on his way to becoming an official ninja of the Leaf Village.

Rp sample:
[Sanada was in the lunch room of the confinedment. Infact to be more specific, he was in the lunch line infront of a guy who he really didn't get along with. After awhile, Sanada got use to life in a inclose facility. He was in a prison, condemned and exiled from any sorts of freedom. Oh No!, this wasn't any sort of prison. it was a prison run by a secret underground governmental scientific organization that create experiments and run other unheard of operations such as one Sanada is about to embark on soon. Sanada is a young fellow, seventeen years old. Normal, his reasons for him being here is even unknown to him and everyone in the facility except the people that work there. Their minds have been erased and have them believe the facility is their home and all they need. However some of them are thinking it must be more to life then a life in a large facility. Sanada is one of those people who wondered but never showed or told anyone. Because disobediance is frowned upon in a place like this. So much to get deeper into however let's jump right into the point of view of Sanada as I unfold his story.

Sanada, male, seventeen, about as average as can be. Likes everything any other teenager would like. Not much different from the other teenagers outside the facility. Sanada is a planner, and a thinker, he also has great leadership skills and know how to bring people together in time of need.

"Same ole Meatloaf and Crackers?" He asked the lunch lady as he held out his tray with no surprise or shocked expression on his face. He has been eating the same food for months now and getting a bit pissed off with the same routine. WHat he doesn't know is the officials who run this facility is watching him and a few others at this very moment. The lunch lady nodded and slapped a glob of uncooked meatloaf on his tray and flicked her wrists, indicating him to get lost. Sanada frowned at the lunch and walked oer to a table. He turned around to find thousands of other teenagers sitting, talking, like high school. What is it all for? Sanada walked over to a table by himself in a corner, dropped his tray on the table and slouched on the table in annoyance as he gets lost in his thoughts. 'Tell me, Someone tell me what is it all for? why am I here? What is my Purpose? What do I do? Someone....out there....Answer me.....Answer....ANSWER ME!' lost in the abyss of his sub conscience as he shouts outloud on accident, "ANSWER ME!!!" Silence, the whole lunch room, lunch ladies and even the mice that roamed the garbages for scraps stopped in there tracks to turn their attention on Sanada who was frozen and drenched in embarrassment. Laughter sprang from the mouths of the glarers. From silence to bursts or laughter and ridicule as they pointed their fingers at Sanada and called him names. Then, Silence as they heard a buzz from the intercom. "Sanada, please report to the facility's B.F.M room for....Cleansing..." The strange woman's voice said. Fear struck in everyone's eyes, even Sanada because everyone knew that no one ever returned from the B.F.M room and cleansing means exacution to them. Once it was a guy named Kagura who went to the B.F.M room and the officials came back reporting to any of his friends that Kagura is dead due to an unfortunate accident and misunderstanding. Leaving all close friends completely closed on what truly happened. What else are they hiding? so many questions.

Sanada stood up in attention as he walked out of the lunch room, everyone staring at him. None shed a tear, Sanada was nothing to them but another body in the facility that was later gonna die. Sanada walked out the lunch room to find to girls on the outside looking right at him with their arms out. Both had a smile on their faces, they were identical however not related. Mostlikely another scientific experiment gone right. Sanada assumed that the both saw could see out of each other's eyes if thats the case and that they are two different bodies but one is a person. "Welcome, follow us to get Cleansed." They both said in unison and then blinked three times at the same time. Of course, Just as Sanada thought. He wasn't one to jump to conclusions, so he took their hands and followed, observing every little tiny detail his eyes can catch and made little notes of it in his head. However he was getting a bit distracted by the way their bums shook as they took each step forward. Infact, he stared most of the time.

As they reached their destination which was going down a long hallway, on an elevator down ten levels and through a few secret doors they reached the B.F.M room which was nothing like Sanada expected. However on the way he saw that there are other teenages who have much nicer looking confinedments than Sanada. Even air conditioner, so unfair. Sanada believed that the B.F.M room was a torture room for people who are completely disobediant, unlucky enough to be chosen to be here and was chosen to be experimented on. The girls turned to Sanada and bowed then left out of the room leaving Sanada in the room by himself. "....Wow, this place looks nice." He said as he touched the glass floor that rippled like water. Amazing, "this place is unimaginable-" He said with a light smile before he was interupted by the official known as Akago Kanamari and a girl with glasses and a large pad in her hand. "Hello Sanada" Akago said as he walked into the room from a different entrance along with the girl. "My name is Kanamari Akago and this is Kanamari Ayane, my daughter." He said as he reached his hand out towards Sanada who was alittle skeptical. "Hello Akago and Ayane." He said shaking Akago's hand. "Sanada, I believe that you, you sir, have what we need. What we have been searching for this whole time." Akago said as he let go and placed his hands back in his pocket, Ayane gave Sanada a light hug randomly but to her she did it because she knows how her fathers hates to see her with other guys and she knows what he plans for Sanada and she don't wish to see another get killed. Sanada was shocked but glad that all of this welcoming and kindness is happening all at once. He hugged back, "Why hello, why did you hug me?" He asked her but she didn't say anything. She only shrugged and smirked lightly, letting go and sitting at the desk in the middle of the room. "Don't mind her, she is just being a woman. You know how they get, right?" Akago said with a light laugh. Sanada shook his head, "...No, I don't." He responded and stopped Akago's laughter and replaced it with an, "Oh....yeah, Anyway-" Ayane folded her arms at the insulting sexist comment. "Sanada you are what we have been looking for, your young, smart, a thinker, a leader. That's what we needed, a leader." He said before getting interupted. "A leader? for what? what's going on? What is this place?" Sanada implied, attempting to burry Akago in questions. "Hold on now, I promise, if you accept my offer and do as I tell you. All your questions will be answered as you do them. I promise." Akago said with a light smirk. "What offer?" He responded.

"I wish for you to join a little operation that takes you and a few others to be trained and run missions for me, however with the training this facility runs, the missions will feel like errands you would recieve." Akago said as he placed his hands in his pockets to pull out a cigerette and a lighter. "More detail..." Sanada said. "Ah what I expected from a true leader, you make me want you more. You will be the leader of a seven-man group, including yourself, to take down enemy forces who are threatening our country and could possibly start a world war. Which would plunge us all into a ultra nuclear crysis and you really don't want that do you? You'll never get your answer. I mean, I thought this out before you came here so you don't even have to ask. I bet your wondering, 'Why me?' and 'I have no real true reason to do this, no true motivation so why should I do this? for Answers? I want more' well, I understand that. What about freedom? what about to protect others? Why should others perish for one's selfish act? Do you really want other's deaths on your hands?....Sanada, look deep into your heart, body and soul....find the true, right thing to do." Akago said as he turned from Sanada to face his daughter and smirked. Ayane slammed her palm to her face in annoyance, knowing this might end badly. "...I'll do it" Sanada said, looking down, clenching his fists tightly as his eyes flashed red when he lifted his head and Akago and Ayane turned to him in unison. They noticed the red flash in his eyes and was stunned. Akago knew something was special about him and Ayane feared that Akago was gonna like that. "I'll do it for freedom.....and ......for the people." Sanada said as his eyes flashed again and went back to normal and Akago smirked. "...Lovely.".]



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