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 Irie Uchiha

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Basic Information.

Name: Uchiha Irie





Likes: Meeting strong people,Finding new spots. Playing the Ocarina, He enjoys meeting new people.

Dislikes: Showing his weakness, People stronger then himself, ANBU Black Ops.


Personality: From the day Irie was born, he was a child who could always be seen with a smile on his face, aside from the times that he played the tough guy, which he did almost always outside of the house. At home he is quite timid and quiet in respect of his mother and father. He enjoyed sitting outside his house just watching dragonflies go by and just bask in the outdoors. Though his carefree personality changed to a hardened avenger style when his family was killed in a 'mistake' by the ANBU Black Ops. Both his parents were killed and he swore Revenge on the ANBU Officer that he would get him back one day. Though Since he was an ANBU Irie never had a chance to get near him. He became much more distant from everyone around him, He keep some traits of his old self, He still likes to meet people, Though he never acts like he cares about them. He also doesn't want people to think hes a soft person. He want's to become something they cannot, and he believes he knows better.

Looks:Irie Uchiha 75

Irie is a handsome young man despite the things hes gone through he would probably end up looking older then most. He has raven colored hair and the bangs part over both sides of his face reaching his chin in length, The back of his hair spikes up randomly it is a thing he had from birth and there's no controlling it. He wears blue or black shirts with high collars usually, and arm warmers. He wears white shorts that reach his knees and has shin protectors made of tape, he wears blue ninja tabi. He is 5'4" and weighs 103 lbs.


Village: Leaf

Rank: Academy Student


Elements: Fire(All Uchiha Have it) Lightning

Strengths: Ninjutsu and Taijutsu

Weaknesses: Genjutsu

Name: Great Fireball Technique
Element: Fire
Description:A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and expelled from the mouth in a massive orb of roaring flame. The scope of the attack is altered by controlling the volume of chakra that is mustered. The released flames will engulf their target, and leave a crater on the ground's surface. The fireball is normally blown through a ring made by the thumb and index finger of the user. However, Sasuke and Itachi are seen doing this technique without making a ring over their mouth.

Name:Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique
Element: Fire
Description:This technique creates small fireballs, which are spat out of the user's mouth, flying wildly in every direction and assaulting the enemy. In addition, the flames are controlled one by one with chakra, so avoiding them all is extremely, difficult. Shuriken can be hid within the flames, creating an unexpected secondary surprise attack. Like the flames they can be controlled with chakra. For the most part, however, this technique is used as a distraction.

Name: Hell Viewing Technique
Element: None
Description:This is a genjutsu that reveals the fears that dwell inside people's hearts. Everyone has an image of the one thing they wouldn't want to ever see. This genjutsu is a technique that draws forth such an image from within the heart and has one mistake it for reality. First, an imaginary circle of leaves will spin around and envelop the target, falling away shortly after. After a short period, the illusion will begin. This is to make the illusion more convincing, since the user will likely have moved before the illusion sets in. If the mental image is a gruesome one, the shock will be accordingly great.

Name: Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Element: None
Description:A technique where one follows the opponent, closely matching their body's movement, just like a leaf that dances in the air is followed by its shadow. The technique begins with a swift upper kick that will launch their target into the air. It is mainly used to position an opponent into a vulnerable aerial position. This move by itself is harmless, but it is usable as a stepping stone for a great many powerful jutsu like Front Lotus and the Lion Combo. That said, it also has a rather high degree of difficulty.

Name: Lion Combo
Element: None
Description:This jutsu is a variant of Rock Lee's Front Lotus, which Sasuke develops after using his Sharingan to copy the first part of the move. Because Lee wasn't given the chance to finish the attack, Sasuke makes his own ending to it. Like Lee, Sasuke gets to the point where he does Shadow of the Dancing Leaf to get behind an airborne opponent. He then delivers a series a of blows that differ between use. All variations end with the opponent being thrown to the ground and kicked in the chest. ne for a great many powerful jutsu like Front Lotus and the Lion Combo. That said, it also has a rather high degree of difficulty.

Name: Body Replacement Technique
Element: None
Description:This jutsu lets the user quickly switch places with another nearby object, such as a plant (normally a section of a log), an animal, or even another person within reach using the Body Flicker Technique, the moment an attack hits. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. The user can then use this confusion to escape or launch a counter-attack. Exploding tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise.

The anime has a number of other objects being used for this jutsu, such as a boulder, mud, a scarecrow, and even a large rolled-up carpet. These items are usually nowhere in sight, suggesting that they are merely gags meant to lighten up the situation and not an actual part of the jutsu. Additionally, the normal practice of switching places with a section of log is done in several places that have no such thing anywhere nearby.

Name: Clone Technique
Element: None
Description:This technique creates intangible copies of the user. The clones are simply illusions and will dissipate when they come into contact with something. The illusions can be seen through by the Byakugan and the Sharingan. A person with normal eyes can also distinguish the clones from the original, since the clones will not disrupt the area around themselves with their movement (won't kick up dust, crush grass, etc.). Naruto Uzumaki and Rock Lee are the only two ninja known to pass at the Academy without mastering this jutsu.

Name: Transformation Technique
Element: None
Description:This jutsu allows the user to transform either themselves or another object into the appearance of another person, animal, or object. This is one of the basic jutsu taught at the Konohagakure Ninja Academy, and most shinobi know this jutsu. The transformation technique is considered to be among the more difficult E-ranked techniques, since it requires constant emission of chakra while mentally maintaining the form. On top of that, the user would be, most likely, interacting with the environment. This puts much mental strain on an inexperienced ninja.

Name: Rope Escape Technique
Element: None
Description:A basic jutsu taught at the Konoha Ninja Academy, this jutsu allows a ninja to free themselves if they have been tied up.


Sharingan One Tomoe

Weapons Shinobi Tools - Kunai X15 - ShurikenX30 - Steel Wire 300 Ft -Makibishi Spikes X20

Other: He has higher taijutsu skills then most in the Academy or even some Genin.

Background Information

Family: Deceased: Rangiku Uchiha-Mother and Gi Uchiha-Father


Birth Arc: Irie was born on December 17th it was marked as the coldest day of the year. Fitting and unfitting Of Irie to be born on such a day as that. On his birth given the name 'Cove' Or Irie in the traditional language. He was born with a full head of dark hair, he had the looks of both his parents but at the same time held his own distinct looks. Skipping ahead as nothing important happened other then the birth of his brother, though he was too young to remember any of it anyhow. When he turned six years old he joined the Ninja Academy, having prior training from his father who was a jounin of the village. He was already prepared for the academy and challenges it could hold for him.

When he arrived at the academy, he quickly became pretty popular with the kids, alot of them liked his hair and clothes. He wanted to seem like he didn't care about the attention so he made himself nonchalant. He has been in the academy for an average amount of time, but he was still considered a prodigy, just not of the caliber of geniuses in the past. He claimed that once he got his sharingan things would be different. After his first year in the academy, he came out Number 1 in all things in the school, so many boys envied him. On his way back home from graduation, he came home and saw that his family was speaking to a man in the mask, he learned about them before, ANBU Black ops. They worked for the Hokage. He could peek through a tear in one of the walls. His parents were being very dark and told the man they would expose just what the Elders were doing if they don't stop. Irie didn't understand what was going on, the ANBU had a remark saying that they should have listened before and made a comment about a final clock's dong noise before disappearing. After he was gone Irie walked into the house and greeted his mother and father, then went to his room to see what Ryuu was doing.

A couple days later during a festival that was going on an emergency broadcast happened, many ANBU black ops members stormed the stage and announced that there were spies in the village ready to kill them all, This was a bit unusual as they would never usually announce something like this. Then the ANBU member announced it was Rangiku and Gi Uchiha, if they were to be seen, try and take them out. Irie's eyes widened quickly at the mention of they're name. He remembered when that ANBU member said something about a clock's ding noise. He looked at a clock, it was nearing midnight. He pushed through the crowd of people to get back home, he knew his parents were home sick with something, he told Ryuu to stay there at the festival. On his way home he got clonked on the head by an ANBU member in the crowd, it was the man who talked to his parents that night, he said something but Irie couldn't make it out what it was. He felt his vision blurring and then heard a loud 'Dong!' Noise as the clock struck midnight. Everything seemed to fade and get quiet. He was young but he knew what that meant. He finally passed out. When he awoke he was in a bush on the side of the street, He found Ryuu next to him. He decided not to wake him yet and quickly ran towards his house, it wasn't too far from here. It was morning, the gate was wide open, the front door as well. Irie had a look on his face that looked like he lost all will to move. He moved very slowly and awkwardly, when he finally got inside he could see blood on the walls, the floor, on the ceiling. He didn't shed a single tear, he had the soulless look on his face as he collapsed to his knees and started at the floor, his sharingan had finally activated after this traumatic event. His family killed, for something the ANBU members planned, his parents knew something about them that they shouldn't have been doing. After about 30 minutes of just sitting there he slowly got up and washed the room of the blood and went to get Ryuu. He brought him back home without saying a word to him of what happened, he didn't want to tell him, it would be best this way. When they got home, Ryuu asked what happened back at the festival. Irie was surprised, Ryuu must not have heard what the ANBU
said. He told Ryuu that his parents went on a mission, and that they weren't coming back for a very long time.

Irie Coming Home to the Disaster..

That lie would go with Irie until a few years later when Irie turned 11 and Ryuu was 10. Ryuu realized that what happened on that night wasn't what Irie told him, when Ryuu confronted Irie about whether or not they're parents were alive. Irie decided to tell him the truth, but not the entire truth for his safety, he would not tell him that his parents knew something about the village, knowing Ryuu he would try to kill them and get hurt. He told him that his parents were killed for treason against the village and that he didn't know anymore then that, but before they died, they told him they love both they're sons and don't want them to follow in they're footsteps. Irie wouldn't allow him to be consumed by this vengeance like he had, he still held what little bit of his old personality enough to keep it down from telling anyone.

At the academy he was somewhat more avoided now because his parents were branded traitors and the whole village was told about it. That hasn't stopped him from staying number one in his classes, he want's to keep the pride of his family going by showing that he is the best ninja around.

Rp sample:Irie was walking up and down the halls of the Academy, it was his first day in there so he was a little confused, he looked like a lost dog in the snow or something. He peaked once into every room to check if this was his class or not, close but no cigar, his class was the last at the end of the hall. When he opened the door slowly everyone stared at him, they all whispered to eachother, he could catch a few words, they were talking about how he was an uchiha. He walked over to the teacher and handed him a slip of paper telling him that he was in this classroom and that he was the newest student. Irie turned to face the class. "I'm..Irie Uchiha.."

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Approved Zak. ^_^

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