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 Kaito Remus Fuuma "The Wolf"

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Kaito Remus Fuuma

Kaito Remus Fuuma

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Kaito Remus Fuuma "The Wolf" Empty
PostSubject: Kaito Remus Fuuma "The Wolf"   Kaito Remus Fuuma "The Wolf" EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 3:22 pm

Basic Information.

Name:Fuuma Remus Kaito

Nickname:"The Wolf"

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Likes:Wolves, dogs, chocolate, reading, his friends. (Though he doesn't have many)
Dislikes:Evil people, any enemy to wolves, people who think they know everything, green vegetables.

Clan: Fuuma

Personality:Kaito, unlike his sister, is calm and hardly ever loses his temper. He's shy and quiet, but very brave. If he sets his mind to something he'll do it. He doesn't really care for power, and is content at the level he is. All he really wants is to be liked.

Looks: Kaito has light honey brown hair, and amber eyes. He is tall and very thin, with a small scar on his cheek. He dresses casually, usually in black robes.

Ninja Information.

Village: None

Rank: Missing nin though Chuunin level

Organization: None

Elements: Wind, earth

Strengths: Genjutsu, Taijutsu

Weaknesses: Ninjutsu

Jutsu:(Genin get basic academy and five element jutsu,Chunin get basic,and fifteen element,jounin get basic,and up to 25 to 30 jutsu.There are no stipulations to not using all of the,just that your character may be weaker than you would like.Also taijutsu and genjutsu,plus summons do not take room those are a given.)

Summons:(make sure they are approved and give us the link to your approved summon application)

Blood line:(make sure you check availability for the desired blood line,and the clan to match up with it)

Weapons(make sure you give use its name and the link to your approved weapon.)

Other:(such as mastery)

Background Information

Family:(both living and dead please)

Bio:(must be atleast two paragraphs or more.Please put arcs such as:Birth arc,gennin arc.Stuff like that)

Rp sample:(the higher in rank you go the longer it should be)
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Kaito Remus Fuuma "The Wolf"
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