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 Hawk of 16

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Renji Takato

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PostSubject: Hawk of 16   Hawk of 16 EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 6:22 am

It was pretty dark outside and people were just going to sleep or heading inside from a nice hard day of work. A stranger with very light color hair was sitting on a hill, his chakra was pure golden, he showed no emotions on his face he just glaze upon the large planet before him which is called the moon. His eyes were closed but his focusing was kicking in so he could feel anything at this point, anyone with a special Doujutsu or sense would easily be able to sense, feel or see him from a good mile away, he did not know where he was at, just roaming until he found a hill. With his nice little dark blue outfit on he sat there in quiet probably roaming his thoughts. He had become lost with not only directions but of a purpose as well.
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Hawk of 16
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