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 Akatsuki's Invasion .:Snow's Blizzard:. - Attack On The Snow Village -

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Akatsuki's Invasion .:Snow's Blizzard:. - Attack On The Snow Village - Empty
PostSubject: Akatsuki's Invasion .:Snow's Blizzard:. - Attack On The Snow Village -   Akatsuki's Invasion .:Snow's Blizzard:. - Attack On The Snow Village - EmptySun Jul 11, 2010 7:25 pm

Listen everyone that is in the akatsuki and snow village(Also those that are allied with both). The invasion on the snow village will commence soon. For Emma and I have discussed it for many days now and have put it into action. So this invasion won't just be a topic with Akatsuki members and Snow Village ninja and allies all engaging in an all out battle, creating confusion and such. Order, is what will be used in this attack. Each Akatsuki member, after Irie has invaded the village and acted on his attack, will create separate topics within the snow village that way everyone akatsuki member have their own attack/battle and we don't have so many people posting in one topic. Thus, that is where allies of the snow village and snow village ninja help protect the village by fighting off the akatsuki members.
G o a l


  • To Capture the Jinchurikki Weilding the Gobi.
  • To Protect Irie as he commence battle with the Kage/Jinchurrikki by making sure no allies/Snow ninja interfere.
  • By Winning the battle, you weaken the snow village for they don't have a leader and come back for the other Bijuu in the near future.
Snow Village/Allies

  • Protect the village from attacks from the Akatsuki.
  • Help Aid the Kage in anyway needed.
  • Protect any and all Jinchurikki from the Akatsuki.

Emma and I have already discussed how the Fighting will commence.

  • Yakikoto V.S Kirai
  • Drake Nightingale V.S Shinji Kousei
  • Kurai Niwa V.S Irie Uchiha
  • Emi Reiryuu V.S Fujinaro Hojo
  • Jennifer Nightingale V.S Byakuran Shinso
That way, things don't get too outrageous. Others that are allied with the snow village or akatsuki can join in the battle by PM'ing Kurai or I and we will add you to the invasion. However, if your in the snow village and not on the list you can aid in any battle except the Irie and Kurai.
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Akatsuki's Invasion .:Snow's Blizzard:. - Attack On The Snow Village -
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