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 Blood line rules.

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Blood line rules. Empty
PostSubject: Blood line rules.   Blood line rules. EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 1:14 am

The six position for the uchiha are how many people can have sharingan,unless your a shikyo.In which case talk to mugen about joining and even then you have no promises for getting it.

MS,(mangekyou sharingan)Only three are allowed to have it.
one out of the three has been filled already.

Rinnegan,Only one if you didn't know,and it is filled.

also no wood techniques unless you have a very detailed explanation that you didn't pull out of your ass in about five minutes.

kaguya are the same as uchiha,once the spots are filled thats how many people can have the blood line.
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Blood line rules.
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