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 Rabbid Artsy Stuff

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Rabbid Kunoichi

Rabbid Kunoichi

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PostSubject: Rabbid Artsy Stuff   Rabbid Artsy Stuff EmptyTue Jul 06, 2010 4:37 pm

Well art is my life, heehee. So I guess if you like my work I can try and fulfill any requests. I'm a bit shaky with the pen tablet but I am praised for my pencil work, etc.

Lemme know whatcha think I guess. ^^
Rabbid Artsy Stuff 37329_107090769342518_100001247859450_55072_1752703_n
Microsoft Paint
(Original Characters and Poem)

Rabbid Artsy Stuff 36302_102505473134381_100001247859450_14344_8269448_n
Queeky paint
(Original Character)

Rabbid Artsy Stuff 34172_103854952999433_100001247859450_25544_4734253_n
Pencil Drawn then Microsoft Painted
(Original Character and Info.)

Rabbid Artsy Stuff 499-7
Microsoft Paint
(Original Character)
Rabbid Artsy Stuff Moz-screenshot-2Rabbid Artsy Stuff Moz-screenshot-3
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Rabbid Artsy Stuff
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