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PostSubject: Rules   Rules EmptySun Jul 04, 2010 7:58 pm

Rules for RP.
1.Please try and you correct grammar,no slang.Text
language or IM language.
2.You are permitted to swear,but still please
try and control it.Keep it pg:13
3.We would like you to rp with
using full sentences no one word posts,it will be deleted and we will
ask you to do it again,Because we know you can put forth more effort
than that.
4.Please use quotation marks or color to section off your
speech.Also please use correct punctuation and spaces.We are not trying
to be grammar dictator's but we would like it if the person yo are
rp'ing with could understand what your saying.
5.Use the fallowing
headers for when you make topics.(Open,Private,Private- Mature.Open-
6.If your going to be
making love in rp or what ever you wanna call it,Even then please try
and keep it appropriate.
7. No
using OOC Knowledge, Or Meta-Gaming
9.No GM,or god-modding,this is
when you try and take control of another characters actions.

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