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 Lord byakuran shinso jutsus

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PostSubject: Lord byakuran shinso jutsus   Lord byakuran shinso jutsus EmptySun Jul 04, 2010 1:44 pm

Name:Enerugī no ken no jutsu(energy sword)
Element:any element used by the user.
Type: ninjutsu
Description:creates a blade of pure element that can be used like a normal sword
Weaknesses:the making the user let go of his grip on the sword

Name:Enerugī bakuhatsu(energy blast)
Rank:A rank
Type: ninjutsu
Description:fire a blast of energy towards the target.
Weaknesses:dodging it or good shield

Name:No tsubasa akuma jutsu(wings of the devil)
Rank:s rank
Type:ninjutsu [Nin, Tai, Gen, etc.]
Description:the user creates wings of his elemental chackra giving him the ability to fly
Weaknesses:the user chackra limitations and exhaustion

Name:Mizu ryū no jutsu(water dragon)
Rank:a rank
Type: ninjutsu[Nin, Tai, Gen, etc.]
Description:creates a dragon of water that attcks the enemy
Weaknesses:the ratio of the attack and the water source needed to create it

Name:Chīsana mizuumi no jutsu(small lake)
Rank:A rank
Type:ninjutsu [Nin, Tai, Gen, etc.]
Description:creates a pool of water out of nothing
Weaknesses:the amount of chackra needed to create it

Name:Kuro akuma kōtei no ken no jutsu(black devils emperor sword)
Rank:s rank
Element:pure chackra
Type:ninjutsu [Nin, Tai, Gen, etc.]
Description:the user chackra creates massive dark wings with two swords on his hands made of pure chackra able to slash almost anything also if needed the he can send blast of dark chackra from his mouth
Weaknesses:parrying its attack with chackra and killing him
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Lord byakuran shinso jutsus
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